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Music Programs

Concert/Symphonic Band, Chorus and Orchestra – Each class has one group that participates in LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation hosted and judged by the Georgia Music Educators Association), which is a combination of 7th and 8th grade for band students and 6 – 8th for Chorus and Orchestra.  These classes rehearse after school as needed in preparation for LGPE and other performances.  Only those students, who are enrolled in these classes can attend and perform; public performances are a portion of each students' grade.




Inman Jazz Eagles - All students who are already members of this ensemble will be allowed to participate in this ensemble without being enrolled in a music performance class.  Students new to Inman, and who have not already auditioned, may do so for any available slots at the end of the month.  Rehearsals will be every Friday afternoon at 4pm beginning in the month of September.




Rialto Jazz Combo - This ensemble is director recommended and is currently closed.  All slots have been filled.