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Eagles Soar Away as Rams Rise Up - Volunteers Needed to Celebrate the Retirement of Inman Athletics

Dear Inman Parents,
A Celebration to Retire Inman Athletics is coming this Spring!
As Rams Rise Up and Eagles Soar Away, the Inman PTO will be sponsoring an event to showcase Inman Athletics and its student's achievements.  We will also introduce the new Howard uniforms and mascot while auctioning off vintage Inman gear.  The event will also introduce the coming Howard Booster Club to fully support our athletics program.
Mark your Calendars - The event will be on Sunday April 19th from 2PM-6PM at the brand new Walden Athletics Complex on Freedom Parkway!
The PTO is in need of committee volunteers to help make this event a success.  Please respond if you are able to put any time toward helping make this event a success.  Thank you!
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Jon Rosenthal