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Lunch and Learn Recap with Dr. Maxwell

Prinicipal Lunch and Learn Recap

Howard Middle School Address 

551 John Wesley Dobbs Ave 

Academic Updates 

Final Grades - Highest of Quarter or Semester 2 grade- Whichever is highest and best. Teachers will make the final choices. 

Final grades will be posted May 21st 


Alert! Still to be approved by APS. 

Pick Up and Drop Off (laptops, books, lockers and more) - Once approved 

This is currently being worked on - Google Form with names and grades. Clear Trash bag with student names and the yearbook as well. 

Choosing a time to meet at Inman will be determined. 

8th graders - Virginia Ave

7th - Clemont Ave 

6th - front circle drive 

Add a piece of paper within each car with family names. 

Return date- Tentative is August 10th 


Laptops - Must be returned to the school at pick up/drop off (days and dates to be determined). The laptops need to be updated for incoming 6th graders. 

Final Task - Interesting and an opportunity for students to learn what they did in the past year. The information will be in Google Classroom. 

Registration - 6th Grade - specfic link ( contact Mr. Perry direct) 

7th and 8th grade students - The link on Inman website, confirm the information for each student. New docs are not needed unless you have moved.

Online resources for Summer Work on personal devices - The math workbook ( from teachers), IXL will work during the summer as well. 

AR Access- AR tests will not be available in the new school year. 

Orchestra/ Connections changes - Fill out the form on the website. 

Opening in the fall - The decision will be made with the new superintendent school board and the governor. The staff will be ready regardless if it is virtual or hybrid. 

School Schedules- Will be available based on school district but usually at school back to school ( August 8th), all grades combined.