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Title I Input Survey


King Middle School would like your feedback on our Title 1 Budget for the 2024-2025 school year.  Please take a few minutes to watch the Title 1 Presentation located on the King YouTube Channel. After you watch the video, we ask that you complete King's Title 1 Input Survey.  There are two ways you can complete the survey.  The survey has been loaded into PimsPoints.  PimsPoints is a new app that offers parents an opportunity to earn rewards each time they attend workshops and events, view documents and complete surveys. Pim Points currently has gift incentives from Amazon, Chick -Fil-A, Jason's Deli, Kroger, Lyft and Starbucks. You will need to download the PimsPoints app and create an account.
PimsPoints Flyer
If you would like to complete the survey without registering for Pim Points please use the following link.  If you have any questions, please contact King's Parent Liaison Ms. C. Lee-Furlow  or Parent Engagement Lead Ms. K. George