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 The current board of the PTSA is at the end of its 2 year term. A new board will need to be voted in later this school year.  If you are interested in learning about what it takes to run the PTSA, run the books, handle committees (like teacher appreciation or fundraising), or send out these nifty emails and update Facebook or Instagram please reach out!  We would love to show you the ropes and let you know what it takes.  Or if you know someone (particularly from currently under-represented schools in the cluster because the current board is 4/5 former Burgess parents) please encourage them to contact us!  We will be accepting formal nominations soon and figuring out how to vote in a new board with Covid restrictions keeping us from holding in person meetings at the moment.  Email the board or text Katie Howard 404-210-6170 or Jason Royal 404-387-1813 if you are curious, interested, or have any questions.