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New APS Sporting Events Ticket Policies

Atlanta Public Schools – New Ticketing Policy




Effective Immediately:


Atlanta Public Schools has implemented a Card & Mobile Payment Only ticketing policy at all athletic events. Fans will be able to purchase tickets online through Atlanta Public School’s GoFan page prior to the event or on their phones prior to entry. The new ticketing policy allows Atlanta Public Schools to operate a more efficient, safe, and professional ticketing gate, while creating an enhanced fan experience.  Purchasing tickets online allows fans to easily access and share tickets (text or email) without standing in line.  


Our new digital ticketing setup will help promote social distancing depending on guidelines, while limiting person-to-person contact.


Fans are encouraged to purchase their tickets online prior to reaching the facility. For your convenience, signage will be setup at the venue to allow fans to easily navigate an online purchase. 


 Simple steps to purchase on GoFan

 Click on THIS LINK which leads to the APS GoFan page.


  1. Open the web browser and use your Credit Card to purchase tickets.


  1. Using your smartphone, pull up your tickets through the Order Details page, by clicking ‘View Tickets’ from your confirmation email/1 hour event reminder email Or through the GoFan app under Tickets. Show Gate Worker your purchased ticket(s).





Step 1:  Set up a free account

For all games, your phone is your ticket. Download the GoFan App on your iOS device now and set up an account. Android users will have to use the GoFan APS Website ( on a browser to purchase and redeem tickets.

Step 2:  Get your ticket.

Go to and search Atlanta Public schools on your browser or through the free GoFan IOS app. All APS events will display with the nearest event dates displaying at the top. Here is a short video on how to purchase tickets on GoFan.

  1. Click/tap the event you wish purchase
  2. Select quantity and proceed to checkout
  3. Complete purchase as a guest or with your created account using credit card or Apple Pay
  4. Access tickets on your smartphone through the ‘Tickets’ icon in the IOS app, your confirmation email, or through the 1-hour event reminder email

***Purchasing with Apple Pay

For the fastest, easiest, and most secure purchase experience, iPhone users should use Apple Pay. If you need help setting up Apple Pay, please visit this webpage or view this video.

Step 4:  Redeem ticket(s) at the game

When you get to the event, open the app on your phone or go to your account in a browser and have your tickets ready to present to the event staff. Allow staff to select the number of tickets needed to redeem for your party. For fans arriving later, you can share tickets to family/friends by using the ‘Transfer’ option in the top right-hand corner. A successful redemption will show a green checkmark on the screen. Do NOT redeem your tickets early.

You may also use self-check in

When you get to the event, open the app on your phone or go to your account in a browser and select the ticket(s) you want to redeem. Press “Use 1 Ticket” to activate the ticket.  To gain admission, show the gate staff the screen as you click “Redeem”.  A successful redemption will show a green checkmark on the screen.

Step 5:  Enjoy the game!

Make sure to keep your distance from other family pods and continue to wear masks at all times while at the event.

Go Fan