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SPARK is a STEM Certified School!

Cognia's STEM Certification guides leaders with a specific framework and improvement process, culminating in recognition for programs that demonstrate a strong and effective STEM focus.

Anatomy of the Cognia STEM Certification Standards
The current STEM Standards for K-12 schools and programs are organized under four Domains:

1. STEM Community
2. STEM Learning Culture
3. STEM Experiences
4. STEM Outcomes

The Domains are foundational elements that define structures within a quality STEM learning ecosystem. These structures support learner readiness for future opportunities aligned to STEM pathways. Each Domain contains four STEM Standards, which are featured in the following pages. The STEM Standards also contain concepts that
serve as a roadmap for implementing high quality STEM practices and processes. The STEM Standards are the evaluative criteria that allow STEM Certification Review Teams to provide feedback that validates effective practices and sheds light on areas that represent opportunities for continued improvement.

To learn more about the 4 domains and the standards within each domain, click on this link.  STEM Certification COGNIA

Over the last few years, SPARK has worked hard to provide all students with quality STEM learning opportunities that integrated curriculum in all content areas.  We are so very proud to be recognized as a STEM certified school!