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ZIKA Virus Update



Centers for Disease Control Report:

If a suspected or confirmed Zika virus infection occurs in a student or staff member, schools should continue to prioritize strategies to prevent mosquito bites on school grounds in order to prevent further transmission through infected mosquitoes. Because the Zika virus is not transmitted from person to person by casual contact, it is not necessary to issue a school-wide notification. Students or staff members with travel-related Zika virus exposure or confirmed Zika virus infection do not need to be removed from school. Isolation of persons with Zika virus disease or quarantine of exposed persons is neither recommended nor appropriate. Schools should maintain privacy and nondiscrimination protections for all students and employees. In the case of local Zika virus transmission, it is not necessary to cancel school-related activities.



Atlanta Public Schools’ Mosquito Remediation Protocols:

Atlanta Public Schools contracts with a premier pest control and prevention company, utilizing treatment standards set forth by Georgia municipal health departments to control mosquito activities and mosquito bites. Site-based personnel are trained to identify any potential instances of standing water (i.e. chairs left outside, etc.) and remain vigilant to immediately remove any standing water or sources.



APS will continue to monitor and implement any recommendations from the CDC or the Fulton County Health Department.




For more information please visit the CDC’s ZIKA virus information page: