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Real Men Read


On Friday December 2, 2016, F.L. Stanton Elementary School held their inaugural "Real Men Read" assembly.  The program consists of regular breakfasts with men throughout the community including F.L. Stanton Elementary School alumni, elected city officials, athletes, government professionals, corporate professionals and the eveyday man who knows that reading is fundamental.


Reading Spealist Mr. Manning read "The Book Itch" by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson, to the room full of 4th and 5th grade boys and he also shared his personal story on how becoming a good reader changed his life for the better.


Guest Speaker Mr. Jonathan Harpe, Social Security HR Supervisory Team Lead, spoke to the students on the numerous roads in life that can be traveled with understanding and becoming a fluent reader and gave some of his key motvations for them to use in their upcoming journeys. T.I.P. Think, Influence, Practice.


Guest Speaker U.S. Army Sergeant Corey Williamson, spoke on how literacy is not just reading a book but it is also used in your everyday life. He also spoke on the imporatance of accountibilty and respect. His presentation was ended with good military style motivation, push ups!


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