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04/16/20 - Information Regarding Scheduling for the 2020-2021 School Year

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April 15, 2020

Dear Parent/ Guardian(s),

We are already well under way in the scheduling process for the 2020-2021 school year. Please visit the Infinite Campus parent portal to view the courses that your child is scheduled to take next school year (view this link for how to access: Please note that Connections classes may change based on availability for that course, the course request document simply indicates a student’s request to take that course but does not guarantee placement. Below is information on how to read your child’s course request and frequently asked questions. If you would like to make a course change request, please visit: and complete the online form no later than May 1, 2020. 

Understanding your child’s course request:

 All students will have a COUNSEL course request- this is not an actual period, but just links the student to their grade level counselor for data purposes

  • All students will have an Advisement course request- this is a non-instructional period that takes place each morning of a student’s day. 
  • All students should have 2 Math, 2 Lang Arts (ELA), 2 Science, and 2 Social Studies course numbers listed- the course number ending in 1 is 1st semester and the course number ending in 2 is 2nd semester 
  • All students should have 4 Connections classes listed on their course request form 
  • If students indicated a preference for Band, Orchestra, Chorus they will only see 3 different Connections classes on their course request as these are year-long courses
  • 6th Grade Students will have a request for all Connections being offered as they are unable to preference Connections courses other than Band, Orchestra, or Chorus. 6 Grade students will be randomly assigned 4 Connections courses from the list indicated using a computer generated system. 

Please see the below for answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any questions please email your child’s grade level counselor, Mrs. Jennifer Cappelli at, Mr. Dominique Merriweather at, or Mrs. Amanda Fielder at Please note that individual meetings or phone calls regarding scheduling cannot be accommodated at this time, however all of your questions will be answered via e-mail in a timely manner.


Jennifer Cappelli in script font
Jennifer Cappelli

Curriculum and Instruction Assistant Principal 



Frequently Asked Questions

I indicated a preference for Advanced Content Courses on my child’s original form, why do I not see that preference on this course request?

All decisions for Advanced Content courses have been made by reviewing all 2019-20 STAR data, the student's highest Lexile score, 2018-19 Milestone data, teacher recommendations, and course grades from both December and March. If your student is Gifted Identified, Advanced Content courses on the course request will be indicated by GATE. Students who are not Gifted identified, but have been identified to take AC classes based on their data will see Sci ENRICH, ELA ENRICH, or SS ENRICH on their course request. If you believe there was an error in your child’s placement, please e-mail Mrs. Cappelli.

Why does my child not have 4 Connections classes listed on their form?

Students had the opportunity to complete a course request form in January where they indicated their top 4 preferences for Connections courses. If this form was not completed, or not completed properly, then your child’s preferences were not received. Please use the tinyurl on the front to make a request for their preference. If your child is a 6th grade student, they will have more than 4 Connections classes listed and will be randomly assigned 4 on their final schedule. 


I would like my child to take a World Language class instead of Reading, what should I do? 

You can use the tinyurl on the front of this document to indicate your preference and an administrator will review your child’s data to determine the proper placement. 


My child has been identified as Gifted, how do I know they are slated to take Gifted courses?

The course number of _ _.2 indicates a Gifted course number for all subject areas and has GATE in front of the class name. You can complete the tinyurl listed on the front of this page if you feel there is an error. 


I would like my child in a different Math class, what are my next steps? 

The math course progression is determined by what math course your child takes in 6th grade and they will have another opportunity to move into the accelerated progression in 9th grade. If your student did not take accelerated math in 6th or 7th grade, they cannot move to accelerated math next school year as they would have missed an entire semester of content. 6th Grade Math placement has been made by using 2019-20 STAR data, 2018-19 Milestone data, and student’s course grades from this school year. 


Course Key:

There are some course names that are listed differently on the course request than what you will see on the child’s schedule in August. Those courses are as follows: 

*Visual Comp I- Digital Art 

*Sci Enrich 6,7,or 8- Advanced Content Science

*SS Enrich 6,7,or 8 - Advanced Content Individuals & Societies 

*ELA Enrich 6, 7, or 8- Advanced Content Language & Literature
*Library Science/8- Intermediate 8th Grade Guitar