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03/13/20 - Important Information for Digital Learning During Closure

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Information for School Closure Learning

Sutton Middle School is proud to be at the forefront of integrating technology into our classrooms. We were the first Digital Citizenship Certified Middle School in Atlanta Public Schools and our technology use has been held as role model for many schools. As such, we are more than ready for this transition during the school closure.

School Preparations:

  • Though all students have a digital bridge device that has been assigned to them, online work during the closure may be done from any computer that has internet access.
  • EVERY student has online access to EVERY class they take through their Google Classroom. We have verified access for each student and they are able to access all class work.
  • EVERY teacher, no matter the content, will be providing ongoing learning via the google classroom during the closure. Our teachers will also be doing webinars, Google Meets, live sessions, and other digital programs to assure all students are learning each day.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, you should email the teacher directly and either copy me at or the grade level administrator. We are all working during this time and fully accessible to assist during regular school hours.
  • Our Educational Technology Specialist Ms. Lynn Freeman is available during school hours for technology support as well. You may reach her by texting 864-328-4920 or email
  • Our main web site will contain any communication updates that may occur during the closure.
  • You may follow me on Twitter @SuttonPrincipal for daily information postings.

Home Preparation:

  • Online learning may not encompass the same amount of hours as attending school, however, please set aside time during what would be the school day to have your child complete his or her work in each class.
  • Monitor and assure completion of your child’s work daily.
  • Try to keep your child on the same sleep and daily schedule to maintain consistency, support learning, and assure a smooth transition back to school.
  • In addition to the digital work, have your child spend time reading and engaging in educational support activities – watching appropriate documentaries, learning a new skill through a tutorial video, spending time outside, writing in a journal, etc.

Student Support Services Available During the Closure:

                                               7th grade Trisha Slaughter

                                               8th grade Channelle Joseph

            (any counseling needs including virtual counseling sessions and support sessions)

                                              Corrie Rovak


As a reminder – all staff are accessible during regular school hours for the duration of the closure. Do not hesitate to reach out for any need as we are here to support the ongoing learning of every child.