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Finance Division FAQs

Financial Division FAQs

Accounting Services

Q: If a school receives a donation for $10,000 or less and it is for a specific event/activity which SABO account should the check be deposited into?
A: If a school receives a distinctive/specific donation, that donation should be placed in a donations account identifiable to that event or activity. If a school receives a donation with no ties, then that donation should go to the general donation account (4034).


Q: If a SABO account is not active for a specific event/activity how do I get it created?
A: If an account is not available for a specific event or activity, the school should notify their Accountant to have the account created.

Q: Where can the SBS Financial Services Guidelines (current version) be located?
A: We will be sending the current version out in email to all Secretaries and Principals.

Q: Where can forms be located (i.e. Sponsorship Agreement, Pre-Authorization Forms, Deposit Slip Detail, Deposit Analysis Forms, etc.)? We will be mailing them out to the Secretaries and Principals.
A: We will be sending out the forms to the Secretaries and Principals in an email and eventually posting to the website.

Q: What is a Sponsorship Agreement? Why is it important?
A: Sponsorship agreements give sponsors their responsibilities in handling school funds and formally documents their understanding of policies and procedures.

Q: Where can the training presentation be located? When will it be available?
A: The presentation from the 2018 Financial Management Training is available on the APS website. You can access the presentation using this link: Click Here for Financial Management Training Modules.



Budget Services

Q: How do I access my school’s Budget Accountability Report (BAR)?
A: Log in to using your APS username and password. The dashboard is titled “Schools B.A.R.” Please contact Budget Services at extension 2458 should you require any assistance.



Procurement & Warehouse Operations

Q: Can principals sign contracts such as yearbook or picture contracts?
A: No, all contracts should be routed to Procurement for legal review and sign off by the Superintendent or her designee.

Q: Can multi-year contracts be established?
A: Yes, but they must include language required by state law. This is part of the reason for requiring legal review.

Q: How can I locate contract vendors on the Procurement website?
A: Select the “Contacted Vendors” link in the list on the left side of the screen.

Q: Can the contracted vendors list on the Procurement website be sorted by categories?
A: Procurement has plans to revise and improve the appearance of the contract list.

Q: How do I determine where a requisition is in the approval path?
A: Procurement can only see items once they are in our queue for processing.

Q: Does the Fixed Asset Form have to be filled out for furniture requests placed in AiM?
A: All furniture and equipment removed must be recorded on an APS Fix Asset Form for tracking and accountability.

Q: Who has to fill out and sign the Fixed Asset Form?
A: The form should be completed by the individual requesting that items be removed from a school or department. The principal or department head must sign the form.

Q: When does interoffice mail come to my school?
A: Mail is delivered twice per week. Refer to the Annual Delivery Schedule and Calendar provided by the Warehouse/Logistics Services.

Q: How can schools get surplus furniture and equipment from the warehouse?
A: A request can be entered into AiM on the APS website, send an email request to or contact the Logistics Services Manager, James Carter or Administrative Assistant, Schyla Jackson.