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The School Climate Star Rating is calculated using data from the Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0, Georgia School Personnel Survey, Georgia Parent Survey, student discipline data and attendance records for students, teachers, staff and administrators.  The School Climate Star Rating provides school-level data on the following components:

1) Survey – a measure of student, teacher, and parent perceptions of a school’s climate;

2) Student Discipline – a measure of student discipline using a weighted suspension rate;  

3) Safe and Substance-Free Learning Environment – school discipline incidents and student survey responses on use of illegal substances and the prevalence of violence, bullying, and unsafe incidents within a school; and

4) Attendance – the average daily attendance of teachers, administrators, and staff members and the percentage of students with less than six unexcused absences.

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Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0 - HIGH SCHOOL (grades 9-12)


Georgia School Personnel Survey:


Georgia Parent Survey: