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Highs and Lows: Ranking the Floors of North Atlanta

The 11 floors of North Atlanta may seem very similar, but each and every one of them has a very unique atmosphere. However, the distinct qualities of each floor mean that some floors may be superior to others, and I'm here to tell you which floors these are. Here are my official rankings of North Atlanta's 11 stories.

Despite their low location in North Atlanta, the first and second floors are two of the quietest floors in the building. However, these floors contain some of the staple locations of North Atlanta, including the main entrance, library, multipurpose room and JROTC classrooms.  Unfortunately, the first and second floors just don't have enough activity to receive a high ranking, earning them a neutral 5/10.

Home to the cafeteria, gym and school store, the third floor is full of student favorites. As one of the busiest floors of North Atlanta, the hallways on the third floor are sure to be bustling with excitement, no matter the time of day. Being so low in North Atlanta also makes it an easy-to-reach floor, no need for a cramped elevator or trek up the stairs. Due to its energetic environment and convenient location, the third floor is receiving a 10/10.

The fourth and fifth floors are a freshman's paradise. The different grades of North Atlanta don't usually agree with each other on many things, but all grades (except for the freshman) would agree that floors four and five are the ones to avoid. Even though they are home to some memorable teachers, it is overrun with freshmen, earning them a 3/10.

Floors six and seven are the sophomores' domain. Many of the North Atlanta foreign language classes are found here, but other than that, nothing too special. Despite some great teachers, these floors have attained a 4/10.

Similar to the last 2 levels, floors eight and nine do not have that many special features.  Although not all current North Atlanta students may remember it, story eight is home to the infamous fire of the 2022-2023 school year. Sadly, these two floors just don't have enough specialty to earn them any higher than a 6/10.

With great views and a chill atmosphere, there's not much more you could ask for from levels 10 and 11. If you look closely enough, you may find a couple of tiny doors around the hallways of these floors. Floor 11 also has a layout that is unlike any other of the traditional floors of North Atlanta. These unique traits, paired with the relaxed environment, have secured an 8/10 for floors 10 and 11.

Jackson Lerner