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Democracy Fest is a Success: The Tour on a Mission to Save Democracy

Democracy Tour audience and NAHS mascotOn Sept.19 the juniors and seniors of North Atlanta High School erupted with excitement as the bleachers rumbled and the sound of the Warriors was projected through the school. Although the band was playing and the silver and black pom poms shimmered splendidly, this was not the average pep rally–it was something bigger.

The next Election day is Nov. 7 but Sept. 19 marked National Voter Registration Day. With several important elections coming up it is crucial that students who are eligible to vote are registered, educated, and excited to participate in the most critical process in democracy. When students vote, their voices are heard. When students vote, change is made. When students vote, democracy stands a chance. Our future stands a chance.

Jacoria Borders is the president and CEO of TCG Impact, a program designed to ready and empower the next generation of leaders through programs like Democracy Fest. Borders has worked tirelessly to educate and promote democracy among students. She has been planning with the APS Student Advisory Council in order to make the Democracy Tour possible. “At this point, I work for them,” she said. “It’s been amazing to watch them grow throughout this process.”

TGC’s goal is to make voting exciting to enforce democracy–the foundation of our country–through community and culture. The younger generations have been at the head of every major movement in U.S. history and continue to be so. “If students are educated about the importance of voting, the impact they have, and they are educated about everything from how the government works to the role they play, democracy will work in this upcoming election and far into the future,” said Borders.

 The Democracy Tour visited seven APS schools over the span of two weeks, each with fun music, dancing, and game shows. Harry the Hawk, Freddie the Falcon, and celebrities such as DJ Kahled and Selena Gomez promoted student voting with the hopes of leaving a lasting impact on current elections and future elections. “It was super fun, there was a lot of music, and it made democracy exciting,” junior Zaniya Johnson said. “I am 100 percent registering to vote now. It got North Atlanta ready to vote and participate in such an important process.”

So, did Democracy Fest work? Free merchandise was given out at the event and in the weeks following, students have been repping democracy merchandise with pride around the school. After the event, energized students buzzed in talk of the upcoming elections and voting. Mission accomplished.

Julia Promoff