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Issues with School Property Destruction

Parents and Students,

There is a social media challenge/trend going around among teenagers based on them destroying school property. At North Atlanta, this has reared its head primarily in the student restrooms, specifically the boys’ restrooms. For example, we are having soap dispensers, sinks, hand dryers and other things destroyed. These actions violate the District Code of Conduct.  We are not going to tolerate this behavior. 

We will begin handing out very harsh punishments to any student we find destroying school property or in possession of school property that has been taken without permission. Those students caught destroying or intentionally damaging property may be liable for extensive costs and face criminal charges, in addition to disciplinary action that will be taken.


Obviously, we need to stop this trend so our students have restrooms that have the means to house soap and toilet paper. We understand these acts are being carried out by a small group of students and not by the whole school. We have a plan to monitor the restrooms, but we can’t be there all the time. We are asking students to report to an adult any damages they see or any person doing damage to property or in possession of school property. 


Our students deserve to have good facilities to use each day including going into a restroom that has the items they need and is not trashed by a few random students. 


Thank you for your support.

Curtis Douglass

Principal, North Atlanta High School