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Clear Book Bag Information


As we prepare for the new year, we wanted to recommend to you a good safety option for your student’s book bag this year.  To ensure that the students can move through the morning metal detector lines swiftly, please consider a clear or mesh book bag.  We are highly recommending these to improve safety and time to enter the building.  We are planning to provide incentives to those students who use these bags this year!

Below are links to a variety of reliable and affordable options.  This is not a recommendation for any one bag or company, rather just suggestions.  

DuffelbagsHeavy Duty Clear Backpack


Heavy Duty Clear Backpack Durable Military Nylon - Transparent for School, Security, Stadiums


MGgear Clear Transparent PVC Multi-pockets School Backpack/ Outdoor Backpack


AmazonBasics School Backpack - Clear