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Final Exam Exemption Privilege Policy and Processes

(From the NAHS Student Handbook)

 A student may exempt final exams if the following criteria are met.

         1st semester:  does not apply to any EOC, IB, AP courses

         2nd semester:  Applies to all courses

  1. Students must have a weighted 90% or higher average in the class.
  2. Students can have no unexcused absences during that semester in the class they wish to exempt.
  3. Students can have no more than 3 excused absences during that semester in the class they wish to exempt.
  4. All notes for excused absences must be submitted to the attendance office no later than 3 days after the student’s return.No notes turned in after that time will be accepted and applied to the absence for exemption purposes.
  5. Approved school field trips, recognized religious holidays, and two days for approved official college visits do not count against the final exam exemption. 
  6. Students must be enrolled a minimum of 75% of the semester.
  7. An assignment of ISS or OSS voids the exemption for the semester of the incident.
  8. Any cheating/plagiarism behavior referral voids the exemption for the semester of the incident.
  9. This policy does not apply to online classes, classes taken at a college, university or outside provider.

Questions about finals: 

Q:  What is the length of the final exams?

A:  Final exams for all classes will not exceed 60 min.

Q:  Do teachers determine if students are eligible to exempt their exam?

A:  Yes, based solely on the criteria detailed in our exemption policy.  It is the obligation of the teacher to inform students if they are eligible to exempt their final exams.  Please have your student speak with the teacher about their exemption. 

Q:  If a student exempts, do they have to come to school?

A:  Students that are exempt should not report to school during the period(s) they are exempt.  If a student who is exempt from an exam shows up during that period, they will be required to sit in the class during the exam.  

Q:  Do students need to do something to get marked excused?

A:  Teachers will submit to Ms. Jackson the list of students who are exempt.  Do NOT contact Ms. Jackson to ask about it. 


Additional Information

Make up exams for students that were absent during finals will take place on Friday, January 3 at 8:30 am.