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Driver's Education Program at North Atlanta Update

Dear North Atlanta Parents and Students,

Since 2016, Marietta Cobb Driving School has provided driver’s education classes at North Atlanta High School.  During that time, 335 NAHS students attended NAHS based Marietta Cobb Driving School classes, enjoying a 10% discount on the class cost.  They also donated to the school 2 gift certificates.  NAHS has never received any payment from Marietta Cobb Driving School, focusing more on ensuring the convenience of having a driver’s education program at the school, offered at a discounted price for our families.  

On November 14, 2019, we received an email from Marietta Cobb Driving School stating that they were cancelling the classes that they had scheduled after February 2020.  This cancellation was a surprise to North Atlanta.  We met with the new director of their program to try to maintain the relationship, however, they would not allow the continued 10% discount for our families and they were raising their rates so they could increase the pay to their instructors.  

We have spoken to other drivers education companies and are happy to announce that Nathan’s Driving School will be offering drivers education classes at North Atlanta, starting Monday, March 2nd.  This company will offer a 10% discount to all North Atlanta families on the 30-hour classroom/6-hour behind the wheel registration.  Also, for the 6-hour private behind the wheel lessons, students can be picked up and dropped off at school/home/work etc. Students who successfully complete the program can also take the driver’s license road test directly with the company.  

Please see the attached flyers for more information about registration and the bio for the instructor of the March classes.  When you register, please ensure that you enter the password NAHS2020 with all caps. Atlanta High School 2020 Drivers Education.pdf Bio Sabrina Zamora.pdf