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Update to Remote Learning Schedule and Grading Information

Remote Learning Schedule

  • Teachers will continue to hold interactive class sessions until Friday, May 15, 2020. 
  • Teachers will notify students when, during the assigned class period, when they will conduct their virtual lesson, recorded lesson or check in.  This is to ensure that students do not wait at the beginning of class if that is not when it will take place. 
  • Teachers will have virtual live or recorded sessions for their classes.  This time should be either presenting new material, reviewing or checking in with students to answer questions.
  • The last week of school (May 18 – 22, 2020) teachers will make themselves available to students via email, REMIND, etc.  This will be Make Up Day (MUD) time.
  • AP students might not attend various class sessions after May 8 due to AP testing.  Teachers are aware of this.
  • Classes for seniors end on May 1.  Senior that need to earn passing grades in their classes should continue to work with their teachers beyond May 1.
  • Students should attend class during your regularly scheduled class period.
  • No student should be working with another teacher if they are scheduled to attend another class.


While learning is expected to continue until the end of the school year, students are to be held harmless. Teachers are to use the higher of the two grades to determine the students’ final grades using the following guidelines:

  • Grades as of March 13, 2020/mid-semester or
  • Grades as of March 13, 2020/mid-semester, along with the grades earned during the distance learning period.