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Afternoon Car Rider Arrival Time


To help expedite car rider dismissal, please follow the guidelines below for arrival times to the school. We have worked with the Department of Transportation to extend the traffic lights to ensure cars exit the property more quickly, but we also want to ensure we don’t have long lines waiting for students. If everyone follows these guidelines, dismissal will run more smoothly, and traffic will not be backed up on Northside Parkway for long.

Since some students are coming from almost a quarter mile away from the car lines, these staggered times will ensure that a car that is waiting for a student from the 11th floor isn’t holding up a car that is waiting for a student from the 4th floor. This may mean you arrive for car rider pick up at different times on A and B days since your child may be in different places in the building on the 2 different days. 

Student’s 4th period class location

Arrival time to NAHS for pick up

4th or 5th floor

3:38 pm – 3:42 pm

6th or 7th floor

3:43 pm – 3:47 pm

8th or 9th floor

3:48 pm – 3:52 pm

10th  or 11th floor

3:52 pm – 3:55 pm

Gym or Performing arts (room numbers starting with 3)

3:55 pm – 3:58 pm


This does not apply to parents of special needs students who are accompanied to cars by a North Atlanta staff member.


Thank you.