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What to Do if Your Student Fails Their Daily Health Check due to Covid Symptoms or Exposure?


If your student fails the daily health check due to actual Covid symptoms or exposure, 

  • They are expected to stay home. 
  • Please notify Ms. Jackson at who will code the student as ill. 
  • If the student has to quarantine, but is still able to complete class work, the absence coding will be QRT, which means the student is doing the classwork that teachers are posting in the google classroom and it doesn’t count as an absence. 
  • If the student does have Covid and is unable to do the classwork, then the absence coding changes to "Covd" which does count as an absence. 
  • If your child tests positive for Covid, please be sure to complete the self-reporting form for the district.


There are no recordings of classes, but teachers are posting lessons in their google classroom, they are working with students who are absent, for whatever reason, and providing additional tutoring via zoom during the day and after school.


For additional guidance from the district regarding Covid guidance and protocols, including information about surveillance testing and vaccination clinics, please see the link below.