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Phoenix Academy's TOTY

To receive the honor of being named Teacher of the Year is a tremendous feat because it reflects an educator who has the respect and admiration of all of his/her students.  This year, the Phoenix Academy family voted to choose Mrs. Brittany Ammons-Self as our TOTY honoree. 

TOTY Banquet Photo


Let's get to know what drives Mrs. Ammons-Self and why she is such a value-add to the Phoenix Academy family.

Q1: Chef, what brought you to education? 
A: I truly believe that my passion for young people is what brought me to education. 
Q2: What do you love most about serving at Phoenix Academy?
A: The familial atmosphere is what I love most about serving at Phoenix. The children become more like extended family members, and there is a level of depth that these relationships hold because of our intimate classroom settings.
Q3: What does the title "Teacher of the Year" mean to you?  Why do you embody this title?
A: To me, the title "Teacher of the Year" means bigger responsibilities to my peers and students. As the proverbial poster child, I hold myself to a high standard of leading by example in the way that I teach, the actions I take, and my overall mindset regarding teaching and learning at Phoenix Academy. 
Q4:  What legacy would you like to leave for those that come after you serving those of Atlanta Public Schools?
A: I want to leave a legacy of compassion, empathy, and grit. As teachers, it is imperative that we work to identify with the children we serve and work as hard as we can to reach and teach them on the daily basis, no matter how challenging that task may be from day to day. 
Thank you, Mrs. Ammons-Self (aka Chef/Madame Ammons-Self) for your service and devotion to our program.  Your creativity and liveliness bring a ray of hope to our students and staff daily.