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An Amazing Chattanooga, TN Trip

This year I challenged all students to read 75 Books and completed 75 Accelerated Reading Test on each book read with an 85% accuracy.  Forty-One students completed this task.   Anijah Jones Read 209 books with a 93 average. Great Job students!  Through several months of planning, fun-raising, Donor Choose grants, and sponsorship from several staff members, I was able to make this trip come true. The students started off with a catered breakfast from Waffle House, Charter bus service, Chattanooga Zoo, Aquarium, Southern Belle Boat Cruise for Lunch, Look-Out Mountain Incline train ride, and to top it off, Ruby Falls.  The most wonderful part of this trip was when a student told me this was the best day of his LIFE!  Wow, touching lives threw reading is my passion.



 Chattanooga Zoo