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2018-2019 Teacher of the Year

Angie Terry has a true passion for helping children to become lifelong learners. She has been an educator for 28 years and is grateful to have the opportunity to teach at Perkerson Elementary. She believes strongly in consistency, love, and discipline. Having a good balance of these three qualities help to create an extraordinary learning environment. She also believes in making learning relevant and fun. Students in her classroom enjoy a variety of chants, ‘little ditties’, or songs to aid in mastering certain objectives. She has also been known to do a toe-touch or two throughout the day to celebrate all the great learning occurring in our classroom.


She has been married to Dwayne Terry for 28 years, and have two sons, Luke and Joshua. A few things that she loves include: time with family and friends, welsh corgis, and chocolate. 


“I LOVE my students, and I expect great things from them!”

                                                - Angela Terry