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SHMS Contact Information


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Mrs. Monica Blasingame, Principal
6th Grade Asst. Principal - Ms. Mahoganey Jackson
7th Grade Asst. Principal - Mr. Robert Owens
8th Grade Asst. Principal - Dr. Tara Cotton
School Counselors
6th Grade and 7A Counselor: Mrs. Kimberly Miles
8th Grade and 7B Counselor: Mrs. Sabrina Phillips 



School Nurse
Shirlrettha Patterson
 Social Social Worker
Dr. Shalun Matthews
Parent Liaison
Registrar's Information
Registrar - Ms. K. Ginn-Siebie
Contact Number - 404-802-6203
Registration Hours:
Monday - Friday
   8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  
Click the link below for a list of the documents needed for registration
For additional information please contact the school at 404-802-6200