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Golden Bears Visit Perimeter Mall for Mancode Conference

Microsoft “Mancode” Event at Perimeter Mall

On Friday, December 13, 2019, twenty-five seventh and eighth grade boys traveled to Perimeter Mall as guests of Microsoft.  These students participated in several activities as part of the annual Microsoft Mancode event.  The Golden Bears were special guests at the Perimeter Mall for the conference.  N. Hullett said, “I was expecting a conference room with a screen showing the basics of coding.” Instead, the boys were at the Microsoft Store in the middle of Perimeter Mall.

Student   K. McCrary stated, “I learned that before anything is made and is published that you have to code it.”  The students were taught basic coding using the website  T. Seabrooks expressed the need for an outline before designing an app.  He also stated his team “learned how the mechanics of game designing works, and the process of turning on one simple light bulb. It is not as easy as you think.  “

After completing their coding activities, the boys were able to use some of the computers at the store that were as big as flat screen TVs.  They also checked out the latest Microsoft PC, Xbox controllers, phones and more.  Every student stated they really enjoyed the opportunity.



Mancode at Perimeter Mall        Golden Bears using the computers at Perimeter Mall Microsoft Store to code Golden Bears Coding at Microsoft Store at Perimeter Mall          Golden Bears at Mancode Event