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Leadership in the Classroom Counts

STEM is STRONG and THRIVING at BTW! Teachers and students in the STEM cohort have been actively involved in interdisciplinary units planned by the ELA, Science, Math, and Technology teachers. This unit titled Mystery Illness enabled students to present their work at our very first STEM Night held on October 18, 2016. The night was activity rich and supported by our partners such as TAG Education Collaborative, State Farms IT, Teals, Georgia Drone, Georgia Tech CEISMC, and STEAM Sports.  Our teachers meet weekly to design, and implement a STEM inspired curriculum. Academic achievement is a top priority for the BTW STEM academy. In an effort to increase Biology and Physical Science scores, our STEM and Non-STEM teachers engaged in an academic review session held on October 19 and 24th. This event was a huge success and it was richly supported by our very own BTW Alumni Association. Way to go Ms. Elliott, Ali Wilson, and Pastor Clements for your support.