PEDs Policy

Personal Communication/ Electronic Devices:
Dear Parents, Students, & Stakeholders,
All students may possess mobile telephones and other personal devices (PEDs) with the expressed, written consent of their parents and guardians. The parent/legal guardian must complete the Parental Consent & Acknowledgement Form For a Mobile Telephone/Personal Electronic Device each school year and deliver it to the school principal or designee before the student is allowed to possess a device on school property. Unless otherwise directed by school administration or school staff, the use of cellular telephones or other PEDs is forbidden for all students at all times during the instructional day. The instructional day includes, but is not limited to, lunch periods, class changes, study halls, or any other structured or unstructured instructional activity that occurs during the normal school day. Devices must be out of sight and turned off. This prohibition includes all emergency situations unless the student is directed to use a cellular telephone or PED by a school administrator or school staff or unless an extreme threat to the health or safety of a student arises and no school administrator or school staff member is present.
All staff members have the right to confiscate mobile phones or PEDs when used in the violation of policy JCDAF and its implementing regulation. If as student refuses to relinquish a phone or other device to a school staff member, the staff member may refer the student with the device to the principal or designee. Atlanta Public Schools assumes no liability for the theft, loss, or damage of mobile telephones and other PEDs possessed by students on school property or held by school officials during the confiscation period. APS employees will not be responsible for searching for lost or stollen mobile phones or other PEDs. Students shall not use, display, or turn on cellular phones, or PEDs during instructional time, class change time, or breakfast/lunch.
*The above is directly from the APS Student Code of Conduct/ 2023-2024 Student Handbook, which can be found at: