K Center Update 9-14-19

Posted by Holly Brookins on 9/14/2019

Hello, families! Hard to believe it has been almost a month of school. By now, I hope everyone is settling into the routine. All of our kids are learning the routines and rhythm of the K Center and their classrooms and are beginning to flourish! It is so nice to see their smiling faces each morning as we greet them at carpool and off the bus. 

A few notes to keep you updated:

Field Trips - Reminder that our first field trip is on Monday, September 16th!  
Boosterthon Dolphin Dash Fun Run - On September 27th, our kids will head to the Main Campus to participate in the Dolphin Dash Fun Run and it is so much fun! Parents are welcome to come and watch - the Kindergarteners will be running from 10 - 10:45am. You may be wondering what this is... the Boosterthon Dolphin Dash is a fundraiser for the PTA, who supports us in so many ways! You will be getting more information about this exciting event but I wanted you to mark your calendars! The Boosterthon team will be here at the K Center on Tuesday, 09/17 to tell the kids all about this fun event!

Lobby Guard for Visitor Check-In and Check-Out - Any time you come into the school, please bring your ID and stop at the Lobby Guard station at the bottom of the stairs to get your name badge (this system scans the sex offender database and is a step we take to keep our kids safe while on school property). You must wear a name badge at all times while you are in our building. Stop by the Lobby Guard station on your way out to scan the badge and check out! 

Tardy Arrivals- If your child arrives after 8am, he/she is marked tardy. Please do not walk your child directly to class as that can be disruptive to the teacher and students. Please go to the Main Office and we will escort your child to class. Thank you for understanding! Try your best to get your child here early or on time. When they arrive on time or early, it allows them to decompress a bit before beginning the day. And just like us when we start the workday - it doesn't feel good to arrive late! :)

Dismissal - Thank you for keeping dismissal changes to a minimum. Please ensure that you send in a note to the teacher or call the main office and speak with someone. We do not want to miss an email so ask that you do not send it via email.  We understand that things happen and plans change,  but it is so helpful to us and your child when everyone knows the routine! 

Early Dismissal - To check your child out early, please come in and get your Lobby Guard badge, then proceed to the Main Office where you will again need your ID to check your child out.

Principal of the Year - Did you know that Mrs. Sofianos, our amazing principal, was nominated for the APS Principal of the Year? She is one of 3 nominees! We are so excited for her! Stay tuned for more info! 

High-Five Fridays - We will be putting up a sign up for High-Five Fridays soon! This is so much fun! You sign up to come to arrival (7:30am-8:00am) and line up to high five the kids as they walk in! What a great way to start our day- the kids and families love this!  

Illness Policy: We want to keep all of our kids healthy! Nurse Vicky asked me to remind you that students must be free of fever, vomiting and diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school. Students should remain at home until they can maintain a normal temperature (below 100 Fahrenheit or 37.8 Celsius) for a full 24 hours or more without taking fever–reducing medication. 

Did you know? Reading aloud to your child is one of the most important things you can do! Not only is it fun and entertaining, but it also strengthens your bond while building your child's vocabulary and early literacy skills! What a great way to unwind with your child and prepare for bedtime after a busy day! 

Enjoy your weekend and stay cool!! 

Dr. Brookins