K Center Update 10-29-19

Posted by Holly Brookins on 10/29/2019 1:00:00 PM

Happy Fall, everyone! 

Hope everyone had a blast at the Monster Bash on Saturday. I had a conflict and wasn’t able to attend but my kids went and haven’t stopped talking about all the fun they had!  I have been in years past and I know it is an incredible event! Huge thanks to Sally Carroll and our awesome PTA for putting on such a fun event for our families!

  • You may have noticed that there were additional cars on campus this morning! The church parking lot will be used for parking only on 10/29, 10/30 and 10/31 for a movie that is being filmed off-site at Callanwolde and other locations. There is no filming occurring here on campus. A shuttle is picking people before school begins each morning. A security guard and parking attendant are on campus for these days. We also have our School Resource Officer, Officer Kozma, who will be spending some time with us. Our staff is aware that there will be additional cars on campus and we will implement additional security procedures.
  • Some K Center dates, reminders and updates for you: 
  • 10/30- ABCs of Nutrition- APS Nutrition will be here tomorrow with a sampling of fresh fruits and veggies for every letter of the alphabet that kids can taste if they would like! Nurse Vicky has worked with the Nutrition Department to ensure that there are no foods brought that kids are allergic to! Kids do not have to participate or try everything if they prefer not to!
  • 10/31-- Book Character Day- No weapons, scary costumes or full-face masks, please!  If you are like me, I tried to gently guide my kids to costumes that can be used for Book Character and Trick-or-Treating if this is your family tradition! My daughter insisted that she wanted to be a bat so I tried to find a book that fit with the help of our awesome media specialist. He is an incredible resource if you need to find some good books for your kids! We will have some extra capes and costumes here for kids who do not have one and parents want them to participate!
  • Early dismissal- Reminder that if your child is being picked up early for an appointment, etc, please pick them up by 1:45pm. After that time, the buses are arriving and it gets very busy for us as we manage all of our students being dismissed safely.
  • Absences- If your child is absent, please submit a note to the teacher within 3 days. It is always good practice to let the teacher or office know that day.  
  • Change of Dismissal- Please submit changes in dismissal via a written note in child’s backpack or a phone call to the office (be sure you speak with someone) at 404-802-8700. We cannot accept changes via email at the K Center as these can be overlooked if a staff member is absent. Our dismissal is complex and we want to ensure that all students get home the correct way and safely!
  • Tardy Arrivals- We are seeing an increase in our tardy arrivals. Students must be here by 8:00am. If they arrive after 8:00am, please park and walk  them in to get a tardy slip from the Main office. As a busy mom myself, I know that it can be difficult in the mornings with the morning routine and our fast-paced lives- perhaps try adjusting your routine to allow for an on-time arrival. When students arrive early or on time, they are able to come in and decompress before beginning the day. Just like us, this feels better to them than arriving after class has begun!  Our shuttle from the Main Campus is always a great option! If you would like your child to ride the shuttle from the Main Campus, they must be at Main by 7:40am. When students ride the shuttle, they are never marked tardy. Thank you for getting our students to school on time.
  • Snowflake Serenade- We are so excited to announce that our Kindergarten students have begun practicing with our phenomenal music teacher, Mrs. Johnson, for a choral performance called the Snowflake Serenade! Students will perform a variety of songs to showcase their musical skills! It will be at the beginning of December during the school day and families are invited. Details to follow very soon so you can begin making plans to attend.

Thanks for all you do! Together, we make a great team to support our youngest scholars at Morningside Elementary!