Georgia Milestones Results - July 2019

Note that this graph can be filtered by achievement level, school system, year, subject, and grade. The school system filter allows comparison to schools in other districts in Georgia. Middle school math results include results from students who take algebra in 8th grade instead of the 8th grade math exam.

Milestones Achievement 2019

State Percentile Rank


How to find your student’s Georgia Milestones results online:

1. Go to Infinite Campus;

2. Scroll down to click on the access link for the Parent Portal login page

3. Login to your Parent Portal account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to arrange to get login/setup information from the school office

4. On the bottom left of the page you’ll see a link to the SLDS portal. Click it.

5. The SLDS portal will be specific to your student and will give you several options. Click on performance and you’ll see a summary of your student’s Milestone performances throughout his/her history of Milestones testing.

6. A guide to the meaning of all results can be found here:…/EOG_2019_Score_Interpretation_Guide…


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