Special Education Liaison

Who is eligible for special education?

Children with disabilities are eligible for Special Education and related services when they meet IDEA’s definition of a “child with a disability” in combination with state and local policies. IDEA’s definition of a “child with a disability” lists 13 different disability categories under which a child may be found eligible for special education and related services. IDEA describes what each of these disability categories means. You’ll find those descriptions online at: http://www.nichcy.org/disability/categories/

What does it mean to receive special education services?

In general, Special Education services provide specially designed instruction that involves modifications to the curriculum itself and/or the way the curriculum is taught to meet the specific needs of the student. Other Special Education-related services such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy may also be needed. These are just a few of the related services that could be provided.


Click Here For Detailed Information on Atlanta Public Schools Special Education Services 


Special Needs Liaison

Sarah Smith is so fortunate to have Christina Banbury as a liaison for special needs.  Below is information about Christina


Christina Banbury was adopted from Asuncion, Paraguay and raised in Marietta, Georgia and currently has one child who attends Sarah Smith. She holds an Associates Degree in Healthcare Science and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Kennesaw State University. Currently, Christina is in graduate school with a focus of study on Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She plans on using her LPC to work with the geriatric and pediatric Hospice population. Upon graduating KSU, Christina worked as an ABA Therapist, administering discrete trial teaching to children on the autism spectrum for four years. In 2017, Christina was advanced to Program Director within her company where she proposed and implemented, Social Innovations, a social program modeled after the PEERS Program by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson at UCLA. In 2018, Christina worked towards starting her own special needs business and as of August 2018, she officially began MindSmart Corp and in October 2018 she began a subsidiary entity 'MindSmart Foundation' Corp; in all creating a Social Enterprise for autism services. Christina is dedicated to changing the world for individuals, families and advocates who are connected to special needs. Her mission is to bring special needs programs to large and small scale corporations in an effort to change the dynamics and systems of society through her corporation, with 50% of proceeds going directly into MindSmart Foundation.
Christina is honored to be the SRS Special Needs Liaison and is committed to helping families & individual students with special needs live life as full and active members of society, starting in the classroom, throughout the school, and across our community!
Christina Banbury: Email: MindSmart@outlook.com