January 5, 2024

Posted by Audrey Sofianos on 1/5/2024

Fridays bring special events, like our upcoming 100th day of school on January 19th.  On Fridays, our 5th grade teachers have started to feature 5th grade student musicians.  What a great way to learn about student talents - some even developed completely outside of school.  I really love how our 5th grade team of teachers and students have embraced the "5th Grade Penthouse".  This has really turned into their own space, where they can thrive as the oldest students at our school.  They use every inch of it - including the hallways.   In the 5th Grade Penthouse hallway, the students were treated to a performance of "Come Together" from The Beatles by today's featured drummer.

4th Grade students from Ms. Ahmed's classes were in the auditorium throughout the day, reading their original narrative stories during an author's party to showcase writing.  Everyone wrote narratives and volunteers presented their stories.  The teacher also taught a lesson for all on proper audience etiquette, listening and how to support your peers who elected to share.  


Please note the new and beautiful stage curtains.  These were purchased for our school through PTA funds - thank you parents and PTA!