January 24, 2024

Posted by Audrey Sofianos on 1/24/2024

It is a Winter Wonderland and the MES Reading Bowl team with Volunteer Coach Alexander and Coach Dr. Sinclair!  They are READY for Saturday and assure me they have been studying and preparing for the big competition this Saturday.   I know this team has worked hard and each has done his or her own personal best.  They were victorious at the Midtown Cluster level, and now we meet the top reading bowl teams from each of the clusters in APS.  It is going to be an exciting day and competition!

Speaking of working hard, there is so much learning going on in this building.  I have been visiting all over seeing everyone in action.  When I was in kindergarten today, it was almost like I could just "see" and "feel" the brains working, the kids were so focused.  They have really built up stamina and resilience this first semester.  Mrs. Schill practices with the students to sound out words as they read the story in a small group where she can observe individual progress.  Our kindergarten teachers are exemplary in building the skills needed to produce strong readers.

5th grade kids continue to live their best lives in the 5th Grade Penthouse.  Students read kid-style newspapers, analyzing the content and reading for understanding, review and new knowledge.  We purchase the carpets, desks, chairs, and the "oodle/wobble" stools, while teachers add to that with either additional school supply or PTA money to tailor their classroom with age appropriate seating, as in Ms. Blair's room.  Our kids are thriving in this environment, which takes the learning to a higher level.

PTA General Meeting is tomorrow 1/25/24 at Morningside at 8am, with our MES Talent Show this weekend.  Look for the Digital Dolphin school newsletter, organized and sponsored by our PTA, sometime tomorrow in your email to get all the news and details on Morningside events and happenings!