October 30, 2020

Posted by Audrey Sofianos on 10/30/2020 2:25:00 PM

My heart is full.  It just felt like a bit of normal today, at our amazing MES Dolphin Toolkit Pick-Up #2.  Kids picking up instructional supplies - actually with their feet on the property, has just brought me to a beyond joyful moment.  Teachers arrived early to finish filling the bags - several of them still without power!  Teacher teams were physically together - working six feet apart, yet side by side, to create this special day for their students.  This is the first time for most of our students to actually SEE their teachers and be in the same space.  Even behind the masks you could see the smiles.  I was teary-eyed more than once - at the kid laughter I heard, the gratitude expressed from parents, the emotion from the teachers, the greetings from the children.  You know how kids sort of jump with delight as they walk?  I saw that so many times today.  Teachers shared stories of seeing students from LAST year, kids they did not get to see in-person after March 13th.  It was a bit of unexpected closure between teacher and past students.   Today was also a way of honoring our decades old Monster Bash/Fall Festival - with costumes, music and just a little bit of candy!  Our community became one again at a school event and I just loved it.  Today was the best day of 2020!

 Toolkit Pick-Up