March 12, 2021

Posted by Audrey Sofianos on 3/12/2021

Here is the latest information on our Quarter 4 Plan, March 22nd - May 26th.   Through the amazing creativity of our teachers and staff, the collaboration + problem solving, and the focus on our children, MES will be a full in-person, 4 day program for our 587 students.  In addition, our 221 virtual students will have smaller class sizes as we finish out the year.  We continue on from quarter 3 into quarter 4 with 46 teachers and 25 additional staff in-person, with 19 teachers and 1 additional staff remaining on approved telework status, working virtually.  We also have some parttime staff, including our school pyschologist, speech teacher, and social worker who are in-person.  Below is a summary of each of our grade level teams for the 4th Quarter:

Kindergarten:  We will have 106 kindergarten students, with 35 virtual and 71 returning in person.  All teachers and paraprofessionals will remain the same as in the 3rd quarter.  Three students will be assigned a new delivery teacher and have received an email with that notification.  Teachers will reach out with details and to share specific information for 4th quarter, including the next toolkit pick-up time for our virtual students!  This creative kindergarten model is working so well with our youngest learners.

1st Grade:   There will be 154 1st graders, with 41 virtual and 113 in-person.  The only change at this grade is related to a maternity leave, and that class has already been notified via email regarding the maternity leave changes.  We will continue with 4 additional delivery teachers at this grade level and they each love working in 1st grade!  Original 1st grade teachers will send out additional information next week to ensure all are ready for the 4th quarter.  

2nd Grade:  In this grade we have 152 students, with 41 virtual and 111 in-person students.  There is one class impacted by a possible teacher change.  We have spaces for students overall in the 2nd grade, but one particular classroom cannot fit all the students who want to return.  The one class of 2nd grade families impacted by a possible teacher change have received an email regarding the specifics and next steps.  In this grade, we have two additional delivery teachers, who will continue on with 2nd grade and they truly enjoy working with the students!  Additional nformation will be sent out by the teachers early next week.  

 3rd Grade:   For the 4th quarter, there will be 37 virtual students and 116 face to face students for a total of 153 3rd graders.   The staff will remain the same at this grade, including our two additional delivery teachers, one virtual and one in-person.  This team of 9 has done a tremendous job and they work so well together for our kids.  Be looking for an email and additional information from the teachers next week.

4th Grade:  There will be 121 4th graders, with 37 virtual and 84 in-person.  We will continue with one virtual team of two teachers and two in-person teams of four teachers total.  We are also adding an instructional paraprofessional.  This grade will be moving locations in the building to accommodate all in-person students, with a very creative solution.  Ms. Nelli & Mrs. Guerino's team will have Nelli's homeroom moved to the original 4th grade area into two side-by-side rooms, dividing the class into two smaller groups of 10 each.  The class will have the teacher in one room and the instructional paraprofessional in the other.  Both rooms will be setup for simultaneous teaching, so the teacher can lead lessons from one location to the other.  Cameras, microphones, amplifiers and monitors will be put into both locations, so that students and staff can see each other at all times.  The teacher and instructional para will fluidly go back and forth among the students in the two side-by-side rooms.  Mrs. Richards and Ms. Newnham's team will have Mrs. Richard's homeroom moved into Ms. Nelli's former and larger room to accommodate this team.  Be watching for an email from the 4th grade teachers with all details needed for the 4th quarter.

5th Grade:  There will be 121 5th graders, with 30 virtual and 91 in-person.  The teaching staff remains the same, with a combination of in-person and virtual blocks.  There could be some in-person students joining the virtual block if necessary.  Teachers will send out more specifics next week.  

On Monday, March 15, our team meetings will continue to ensure all pieces are in place for students to access what is needed, either for virtual or in-person.  Our School Business Manager, Brian Baron, has sent out an email/text with information for our new 108 in-person families, including how to sign up for "Pik My Kid", meal ordering information, as well as other key need to know facts.  All virtual students will receive information from teachers about any additional toolkit pickup for their classes.  

Special Note for our 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Students from Assistant Principal, Dr. Sinclair:  The GA Milestones end of grade testing will begin April 26 for all 3rd and 5th graders who are coming to school face to face and May 6 for the 4th graders. Any virtual student who wishes to participate in testing will be permitted to test. Please contact Dr. Sinclair if your child is virtual and you want them to test. Arrangements will need to be made in advance. For those parents of  face-to-face students who prefer their students not to test, you may contact Dr. Sinclair for information. Per state statute, there is no opting out of state mandated assessments.  The expectation is that students who are engaged in face-to-face learning will participate.  However, parent refusal requests will be honored.

 Our team is excited for the remaining days of school, both virtual and in-person.  Now that we have our final numbers of both staff and students, we will take a fresh look at all of our programs, to ensure that we have utilized all resources to the maximum for our children!