E. Rivers Teacher Parade on Last Day of School

Your E. Rivers teachers and staff miss you so they are coming to you in the first-ever E. Rivers Teacher and Staff Parade!

Come out to cheer for your teachers as they drive through E. Rivers neighborhoods on the last day of school. Teachers and staff will leave from E. Rivers at 10:30 Friday morning and go to Peachtree Hills, then Collier Hills, Ardmore Park, Brookwood Hills, Brookwood, Loring Heights, 500 Northside Circle, Berkeley Park, Underwood Hills, Huff Road/Ellsworth Industrial, Central Mobile Home Village, Haynes Manor and then finish back at E. Rivers. Please look at the attached route to find a location that’s closest to you then come out to cheer for our amazing teachers and staff. We would love it if your child would make a sign to show the teachers and staff how much we appreciate them!

We’ve also invited graduating high school seniors who attended E. Rivers to come out to the parade route in their caps and gowns so feel free to make a sign for them as well. As a reminder, when you line the parade route, please find a spot that is safe and also respects social distancing guidelines. Your E. Rivers teachers and staff can’t wait to see you!