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Towns Elementary School

Welcome to Tiger Town

We are educating the hearts and minds of our scholars!


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We are Totally Terrific at Tiger Town!!  Check out these pictures and see for yourself!


 From Dr. C...       Welcome to Tiger Town! 

I love my shirt principal Simon!

I’ve been impressed by the leadership of Dione Simon since meeting her when she was principal of C. S. King Middle School, so I knew she would have creative ideas for Towns Elementary. She really loves this school.

She and her leadership team spent a great deal of time this summer re-branding the school as “Tiger Town” and embedding activities within the name that uplifts students and allows their voices to be heard. Every child was wearing a name tag today that encouraged others to have a conversation with them.

The students did a great job signing the Tiger Town Chant.

The students did a great job singing the Tiger Town Chant.

I spent a little time in Ms. Oden’s 4th grade classroom where students were getting to know one another, then, my attention was drawn down the hall where students were singing the Tiger Chant in Dr. Datcher’s room, which reinforces the school’s values.


Next we stopped in Ms. Brownlee’s pre-k class where our youngest learners had the opportunity to introduce themselves through song and dance with their “Good Morning” song.

Great way to keep younger kids busy while parents register big kids for school.

Great way to keep younger kids busy while parents register big kids for school.

Principal Simon has created opportunities to read all over the building, and encourages literacy education in all subject areas. There is so much good happening here – from the moment you call the school and are greeted with “Welcome to Tiger Town” to the great big hug principal Simon will surely give you when you leave – Tiger Town is definitely the place to be.

Thanks for the great tour Towns and have an awesome school year.


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