Humphries Elementary School

Running the Road to Success

Melanie Mitchell

Greetings Parents and Community Members,

         Our portables are gone and we have settled in for the new school year. We are excited about a new year of teaching and learning with your students. Our school has quite a few teachers and staff who are new to Humphries this year.  We welcome the following teachers: Ms. Bell, Ms. Upshaw, Ms. Andrews and Mr. Hill.  We also welcome Ms. Jack, the special education lead teacher and Ms. Jenkins, the Student Support Team Specialist.  Our new Pre-K para is Ms. Sylve.  In the front office, our new office clerk is Ms. Tukes.  We are proud to have each new staff member who has joined our team.  

We have gotten off to a great start this year.  However, morning arrival needs a few changes.  All parents who are dropping students off before 7:45 AM should drop them off on School Drive, at the crossing guard.  No cars should drop off in the bus loop before 7:45 AM.  Also, when students are dropped in the front, they should be let out at the sidewalk.  No student should be dropped off on the left side and have to walk in front of cars.   

Communication with parents is important at our school.  The newsletter will continue to be sent home at the beginning of each month.  You should also look forward to receiving the blue communication folder every Thursday.  Please check book bags every Thursday evening for important announcements. This week the Parent Compact letter will be sent home.  Please sign and return the letter.  During the school year, check our website frequently for updates.  We want to stay connected to parents.  If there are other modes of communication that work better for you, let us know.  

Our annual PTA/open house meeting will take place on September 13.  Please come out and meet the teachers and learn the expectations in your child’s classroom.  We will also speak about Title I and our school’s state status.  This year, our status remains as a Focus school. This means our pattern in test scores from the previous three years shows that our lowest scoring 25% of students are scoring lower than the state. As a focus school, we have received additional funds to improve student achievement.  We will purchase additional technology for student use.  In a few days, we will send home a Title I Designation Parent Notification letter very soon.  We will also send the Title I required Parent Right to Know letter too.  These letters will provide you with information about the school’s status.

In addition, please remember that we are a uniform school. Students should wear navy or khaki bottoms blue, yellow or white tops. Please, for your children’s safety, make sure that they wear closed toe shoes.  No sandals are allowed at school.

Students should attend school each day and arrive on time.  We want every opportunity to educate our students.  If possible please schedule doctor appointments for days when school is closed.  We have had the highest attendance in the South Atlanta cluster for two years. For these accomplishments, we have earned the monthly traveling trophy.  We intend to win the attendance trophy this year too!  

The staff and I are looking forward to another great school year.  Please feel free to visit the school. Parent day is the last Thursday of each month.