Humphries Elementary School

Running the Road to Success

Humphries' History
Joseph W. Humphries Elementary School was named after the honorable Joseph W. Humphries, an eminent member of the Fulton County Board of Education.  The school opened in 1916 as a Fulton County School with only four rooms.  In 1951 Humphries was converted to an Atlanta Public School.  Structural additions were made in 1932, 1950, 1967, 1994, 1997-98 and 2001.
Currently, we are serving more than 365 students from Pre-K through Grade 5..
Our Demography
Humphries Elementary School is located in Southeast Atlanta and borders on the Clayton County line.  The population is comprised of 365 students in grades Pre-K - 5 with a racial composition of 85% African American and 15% Hispanic.  Many of our students reside in single-parent homes. Approximately 96% of the students qualify for free and reduced meals.