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    The Office of Family Engagement (OFE) established the school-based Family Engagement Leadership Team, known as FELT. The FELT is a collective of “subject matter experts” with the shared goal of addressing needs of the school, families and community to enhance overall engagement. By establishing authentic practices of family engagement, the FELT aims to positively impact all areas of student success (academic achievement, daily attendance, behavior, and overall student well being).

    The Office of Family Engagement (OFE) team should be viewed as consultants to the FELT who assist with identifying members, roles and responsibilities as well as offering recommendations to ensure the team meets its goals with desired outcomes to support student success.  


  • Purpose of the meetings

    The purpose of the FELT meeting is to bring key stakeholders to the table to discuss:

    • the needs of families 
    • current plans (i.e. family engagement plan, needs assessment and CIP)
    • best practices
    • resources
    • additional next steps to build capacity and meet the needs of families  

    The data collected is assessed to determine whether or not the stated goals and outcomes were executed as well as indicate successes and opportunities  

  • Who should attend the FELT meeting?

    The FELT should consist of, but not limited to

    • Administrator(s)
    • Parent Liaison/Family Engagement staff
    • Instructional staff
    • GO Team member(s)
    • Wrap around support staff (i.e. counselor, social worker, CIS)
    • PTA member(s)
    • *Student(s) (middle and high school)