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    Dobbs' Star Student
    Jaquez Motley

    Meet Dobbs Star Student: Jaquez Motley  
     Jaquez is a model student in every aspect.  He excels in academics and demonstrates outstanding behavior on a daily basis. 

    Jaquez has a great interest in learning.  He pays attention diligently and enjoys answering questions in class.  Although he is a naturally bright child, there are some topics that Jaquez does not grasp immediately.  He never gets discouraged or gives up.  I love how Jaquez listens intently to instruction and politely raises his hand to get clarification or assistance. 

    Jaquez is a joy in class.  He consistently abides by all classroom and school rules.  I can depend on him to always follow directions.  Although Jaquez has many friends in class, he has the wisdom to know when it is appropriate to talk and play and when it is time to learn.   In addition to following the rules, his naturally kind personality guides him to help others.  Jaquez can often be seen helping students use the computer, cleaning up or with their classwork.