Iovine and Young Program @ Douglass

  • Program Mission

    The mission of the Iovine and Young Center at Frederick Douglass High School is to develop students into innovative leaders, making them competitive amongst top universities and better prepared for a global career. The program offers an innovative education model that combines a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum with real-world, team-based learning opportunities.

    Why the Iovine and Young Program @ Douglass?

    The IYC program is unique as it provides a reimagined high school experience, allowing students who have a passion for innovative thinking a space to develop. IYC students will be challenged to think critically while fostering multiple skills, such as design, entrepreneurship, business, technology, and art. Simply put, an IYC student is imaginative, collaborative, and seeks an educational environment that fosters their gifts.

    How will my child benefit from the program? 

    Students who complete the IYC program will house multiple talents making them prepared for a post secondary learning experience at top college and/or university, incredibly skilled and marketable in the global job sector and perhaps create and shape jobs of the future. Throughout their tenure at Frederick Douglass High School, IYC students will work towards a capstone project connected to work-based learning experiences with leading companies and organizations that further develop broad, transferable skills needed for innovation, design, and entrepreneurship.


    What classes are being offered?

    The Iovine & Young Center at Douglass HS will provide a rigorous interdisciplinary experience, aligned to the state standards, focused on integrated design, technology, and entrepreneurship. 

    Freshman Year

    Students will take foundational design courses in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, 3D modeling, web design, motion graphics and more in a project-based learning environment. Students will use the latest software and technologies to stay current with the graphic design industry and begin to build a portfolio of work.

    Sophomore Year

    Students will learn the computational frameworks and latest programming languages to develop competence and confidence to adapt to a rapidly changing technological world.

    Junior Year

    Students will apply essential business and entrepreneurial skills with deep dives into disruptive innovation, financial and competitive analysis, and business planning.  

    Senior Year

    Students will propose and develop a breakthrough idea through a capstone project supported by a range of integrated offerings.


    How do I apply?

    Students interested in participating in the Iovine and Young Center at Frederick Douglass High School will be expected to complete a student entry portfolio inclusive of submission of a self-selected creative piece. 

    Student entry portfolio guidelines are available with the 8th Grade Counselor at John Lewis Invictus Academy (Monita Williamson: ) or by contacting the FDHS 9th Grade Academy directly (Carol Wilson:



Application Timeline