"Home of the Tigers"

    Frank Lebby Stanton Elementary School, often the so-called hope on the hill, is a small community school nestled in the thriving metropolis of Atlanta. The school was named after the late Frank Lebby Stanton, Sr., a noted American Lyrists and professional columnist for the Atlanta Constitution and the first Poet Laureate for the state of Georgia.

    Frank Lebby Stanton Elementary School is a collaborative culture with a diverse staff that offers quality instruction in a culturally responsive environment embodying the beliefs and values of Atlanta Public Schools.


     Why Frank Lebby Stanton Elementary School?

    •  We are a student-centered school where learning is our top priority!

    • Students are engaged in project-based learning (PBL) in a STEM Signature Lab.

    • Students explore cross-disciplinary integration in Fine Arts: theatre, music, and visual arts.

    • Students thrive as a result of Restorative Justice, Social Learning, and morning/afternoon Mindful Moments.

    • Students are provided targeted instruction to meet their academic level of readiness across disciplines: before, during, and after school.

    • Students are empowered as a result of parent and community engagement thus, maximizing their post-secondary college and career options.