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Greetings Astros!

We're off and reading!  Every stakeholder in the APS community is invited to participate in the Race2Read challenge (read 2 million minutes). This includes students, teachers, support faculty and staff, parents and community members. The minutes will be tracked by using Beanstack. Each stakeholder is able to create an account in Beanstack and record the minutes read.  Ready, Set, Read!

Here is additional information about Beanstack:


  • Teachers may login via “My Backpack” ( see: Race2Read) or visit  using their email address + beanstackreads (password) 
  • Students may gain access via "My Backpack" (login, then click the Race2Read icon OR visit using their username + race2read (password)
  • Non-core teachers, administrators, and others visit and login using their email address + beanstackreads (password)


Please note the hashtag for this initiative: #APSRace2Read.