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Art Teacher

Get Smart...Make ART!
Bonnie Baker, Art Specialist
        Mary Lin has enjoyed a rich history of highlighting fine arts in our curriculum. After participating in an
       Annenberg-  Getty 5 -year grant, Lin was awarded #3 in the nation for implementation of
       Discipline Based Art Education (DBAE),  which incorporates art across all subjects.
       Besides this long-standing commitment to DBAE, Lin's visual arts program is currently driven by the new Georgia 
       Performance Standards for Visual Arts. The five strands are the following :
  •         Meaning and Creative Thinking
  •         Contextual Understanding
  •         Production
  •         Assessment and Reflection
  •        Connections
      The final strand, Connections, is critical to Lin's art program, because lessons relate to social studies, math
      and/or science.
      Bonnie Baker is in her 16th year at Lin and brings over 30 years of experience in art education at all levels. Ten of
      these years have been at the college/university level.
            BB: "I am just where I want to be. The students, parents and administration here are the best
             I have ever worked with."
                             "Imagination is more important than knowledge" 
                                                        Albert Einstein