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Welcome to the APS Nimbus Service
Support System Information Page.

Nimbus is our one-stop-shop for requesting 
and managing technology services.
Tips and Highlights:
  • Access the user-friendly interface
  • Reference the knowledgebase of FAQs and tutorials
  • Report issues and request new services
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NIMBUS HELP TOOLS | Everything you need to get started.
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            Outlook and Email
Access Nimbus Register Your APS Network Password
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Navigate Through Nimbus  How to Recover Deleted Emails
Report an Issue Reset Your APS Password Set up APS Email on iPhone and iPad      
Request a Service or Product
Search for a Solution         
Rate a Solution             Computer / Printer             Lync
Respond to a Request for More Information Backup Your Computer Data Join a Lync Meeting
View the Status of Your Ticket Connect to a Xerox Printer Schedule a Lync Meeting
Chat with a Service Desk Agent Restore Sound to a Computer    

PLEASE NOTE | This is the first phase of the APS cloud-based support strategy. In the weeks and months ahead, we'll continue to introduce expanded services and offerings through this tool. Stay tuned.