• The 2019-20 Cyber Security Poster Contest 




    Hey, kids! Enter the contest sponsored by the APS Information Technology group to promote Cyber Security! Submit a poster and you will get a free set of APS Cyber Safety earbuds AND be entered to win a Chromebook!

    The contest will feature the theme: Stay Safe Online! to help remind students, teachers and parents to be thoughtful and careful when using the internet.  
    Please submit your entries via email or our dropbox here:  
    Contest Flyer

    Rules for entry 
    All entries must include the text Stay Safe Online!
    Any Atlanta Public School student grades K-12. 
    One entry per student. 
    One winner per division. 
    Division 1: Grades K-2
    Division 2: Grades 3-5
    Division 3: Grades 6-8
    Division 4: Grades 9-12 

     An index card with the following must be included with each submission:

    • Student Full Name
    • Grade Level
    • School
    • Homeroom Teacher

    Once submitted, APS retains the right to display the student designs on the APS website or to reproduce, print and distribute them across APS Campuses.
    Teachers, support staff, and parents may offer minimum technical support but cannot aid in the creative process. No professional (paid) assistance is allowed. 

2016 Cyber Security Poster Contest Winners

  • This school year we celebrated 5 winners!  Our 2016-17 Cyber Security Poster Contest Winners are:

    • Esther Preis (Brandon Elementary School) - 1st place for grades K-2 Cyber
    • Nakai Simmons (Bolton Academy) - 1st place for grades 3-5 Cyber Security Poster Contest
    • Jessica Hill and Natasha Ellis (Booker T. Washington High School) - 1st place for grades 9-12 Cyber Security Poster Contest
    • Madeline Maye (Inman Middle School) - 1st place for grades 6-8 Cyber Security Poster Contest