IIR Vision


    It is important to note that we have defined innovation in our school district as a way of thinking and “not a thing”. This way of thinking calls us to seek new and better ways of doing things – both invention and iteration. We believe that even the smallest hack - of a way of thinking, process, system, or use of technology - can have a huge impact. It is also our position that when we design, we make every effort to design with the people who the innovation will most impact. Taking this equity-centered approach to innovation reflects our commitment to ensuring more equitable and responsive learning environments.

    APS Definition of Continuous Improvement

    Continuous Improvement is the collection of systems, structures, clear processes, and the use of a problem-solving model (Improvement Science, Design Thinking, etc.) to identify improvement needs, implement, monitor, and evaluate efforts for sustained student outcomes improvement.

    What is the Continuous Improvement Process?

    • Through the use of the C.I.P. template, inclusive of conducting a needs assessment, identifying priorities, defining SMART goals & root causes, and building the continuous improvement plan.
    • Employ a system for monitoring through accountable talk during 45-day check-ins.
    • Communicate progress and needs during A.C.E.S. (Accountability, Collaboration, Equity, Support)
    • Revise processes based on quantitative and qualitative data as needed….